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Bit Corporation released the Gamate in 1991. It was distributed in the United States by Alston. They advertised it as an inexpensive alternative to the Nintendo Gameboy.

Like the Gameboy, the Gamate has a 'black and white' screen. More specifically it has a four shade greyscale LCD screen. It is much larger than the Gameboy, its case is in fact quite similar to that of the Sega GameGear. It has a D pad, two action buttons, a start button and select button. In terms of sound, it has a single speaker and a stereo headphone jack. It also has a port to link two systems. The Gamate runs on four AA batteries and has a jack for an AC adaptor.

The games are released on cards that are similar to the Sega Master System cards. A wide variety of games were released. Many of these were clones of popular games such as blockout.

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